Sleep therapy Supplies

Machines offer us unlimited amounts of convenience, and in return, need upkeep and maintenance. Just like your furnace needs air filters, your CPAP needs parts on a routine basis—something we call resupply. It ensures the longevity of your machine, but more importantly, current supplies are proven to help with the success of your sleep apnea treatment.

When you have the right device with supplies that are clean and working well, you are more likely to keep using your CPAP or BiPAP. Long term usage and all the benefits of sleep therapy are the cornerstones of Frontier’s Resupply program. We make sure that resupply is convenient, private and user-friendly for our sleep therapy patients. We work alongside you to get the products you need, with or without insurance. Call our Sleep Coaches Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 7 pm at 844.853.9012 to get signed up today!

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