About Us

At Frontier Home Medical, it is our family helping yours! Frontier is Nebraska’s largest privately owned durable medical equipment supplier. We specialize in mobility solutions, oxygen therapy, sleep therapy, complex respiratory care, incontinence products, home safety, infant care products and more. Providing the best possible patient experience is our number one focus. Our staff healthcare professionals understands medical equipment and how it can benefit you and your loved ones. Family owned and operated, Frontier has seven locations across the state of Nebraska.

Mobility Solutions

Mobility is a lifelong journey and that pathway varies for each of us. When we experience a hurdle like the loss of mobility, there are more solutions than ever to regain control, reduce frustration and create new goals. Assistive mobility—from a walking cane to a complex power wheelchair—is something that offers the hope of maintaining independence along life’s road.


Frontier is your partner for mobility rehabilitation support!

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