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At Frontier Home Medical, it is our family helping yours! Frontier is Nebraska’s largest privately owned durable medical equipment supplier. We specialize in mobility solutions, oxygen therapy, sleep therapy, complex respiratory care, incontinence products, home safety, infant care products and more. Providing the best possible patient experience is our number one focus. Our staff healthcare professionals understands medical equipment and how it can benefit you and your loved ones. Family owned and operated, Frontier has seven locations across the state of Nebraska.


Mobility is a lifelong journey and that pathway varies for each of us. When we experience a hurdle like the loss of mobility, there are more solutions than ever to regain control, reduce frustration and create new goals. Assistive mobility—from a walking cane to a complex power wheelchair—is something that offers the hope of maintaining independence along life’s road.


Frontier is your partner for mobility rehabilitation support!

Our Program
Certified Mobility Professionals
Insurance Guidelines
Warranty Repair
Our Program

Making mobility possible.

Frontier Home Medical’s approach to serving your mobility needs means solutions built around you! Our experienced and compassionated staff understands the right questions to ask and we take into consideration important details such as skin integrity, spinal alignment, comfort and maintaining independence. In addition, our trained technicians can address all your equipment service and repair needs.




Mobility Products from Frontier Home Medical

  • Wheeled Mobility
  • Power Mobility
  • Installed Mobility


Certified Mobility Professionals

Certified Mobility Professionals

Frontier Home Medical has an experienced and compassionate team of Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP). As board-certified mobility specialists, we understand the right questions to ask to assess and assist with specific care needs. At Frontier, mobility is at the center of everything we offer.


Meet the Frontier Team

Insurance Guidelines

Insurance Guidelines

When it comes to maintaining your independence, let the experts at Frontier assist you through insurance qualifications for everything from basic mobility to complex power wheelchairs. To inquire if insurance funding is available, please contact your local Frontier Home Medical location for assistance. 



How can I qualify for insurance coverage of a power wheelchair?

  • Impaired ability to walk
  • Unable to propel a manual wheelchair
  • Require a power wheelchair to perform daily tasks inside the home

Warranty Repair

Service & Repair


Warranty Repair

Frontier Home Medical will honor all manufacturers’ warranty policies, including parts and labor, for a period of 90 days. Labor, travel and troubleshooting time will be billed to the customer for repairs made on equipment purchased beyond 90 days.


Non-Warranty Repair

Frontier Home Medical will bill the customer’s insurance for parts and labor upon verification of insurance coverage on invoices over $50.00. Travel and troubleshooting time will be billed directly to the customer.


Equipment Provided by a Vendor Other than Frontier Home Medical

  • Warranty Repair: Frontier Home Medical will bill directly to the customer for parts replaced under warranty. Frontier Home Medical will reimburse to the customer the dollar amount that is compensated to Frontier Home Medical by the manufacturer. Labor, travel and troubleshooting time is not covered under a manufacturer’s warranty. These expenses will be billed directly to the customer. Frontier Home Medical will submit a courtesy claim to the customer’s insurance, upon their request, on invoices over $50.00.
  • Non-Warranty Repair: Frontier Home Medical will bill for parts, labor, travel and troubleshooting time directly to the customer. Frontier Home Medical will submit a courtesy claim to the customer’s insurance company, upon their request, on invoices over $50.00. Payment is due when services are rendered.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust Frontier Home Medical for my mobility needs?

Frontier Home Medical has durable medical equipment (DME) products and services that make life a little easier and a lot more comfortable! Our knowledgeable specialists, trained technicians, and expert support staff are focused on customer care – plus, we accept insurance from most providers. Frontier’s approach to serving your rehab needs means mobility solutions built around YOU!

Why is it essential to work with a reputable ATP?

Frontier Home Medical’s Assistive Technology Professionals are board-certified mobility specialists who help each individual with their specific mobility needs. They understand the right questions to ask to assist you with your particular care needs. Our ATP’s are your partners for mobility rehabilitation support!

What steps must be taken to obtain insurance funding for a wheelchair?

Steps to Obtaining a Wheelchair through Insurance

  1. Most insurances require the patient to have a face-to-face examination by the treating physician to determine if a manual or power mobility device is necessary.
  2. A Frontier ATP will complete an evaluation to ensure that you get the equipment that fits you and meets your needs. We will work with your Physical or Occupational Therapist if they are involved with your evaluation.
  3. Frontier will work with your insurance to verify they will cover the equipment based on your medical need.
  4. Ordering the equipment, delivery, and adjustments will be made by Frontier Home Medical. We will be sure that you are comfortable with your equipment and any concerns are addressed at the time of delivery.

The steps to obtaining a wheelchair with insurance funding may vary based on your insurance and the type of mobility device that will meet your needs. For a more detailed explanation of what is needed for your specific insurance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Frontier Home Medical location.

How can I qualify for insurance coverage for a wheelchair?

Most insurances, including Medicare, will cover a manual or power wheelchair depending on your mobility needs. Qualifying criteria may include:

  • Impaired ability to walk
  • An appropriately fitted cane or walker was trialed and failed to meet your needs within the home
  • Requires a manual or power wheelchair to perform daily tasks inside the home
Will Medicare cover a wheelchair if I live in a nursing home?

Medicare will not cover a wheelchair if the patient lives in a nursing home. Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is covered under a patient’s Medicare home health benefits. When patients live in a nursing home, they are no longer eligible for home health benefits. The nursing home would be responsible for providing durable medical equipment for the patient to borrow.

Nebraska Medicaid and some private insurances will cover the cost of a wheelchair while a patient is residing in a nursing home.

How often can I get a new chair?

The reasonable useful life (RUL) of a wheelchair is five years. Most insurances will cover a new chair after that time.

Does my insurance cover ramps?

Ramps are not an insurance-covered item. However, Frontier Home Medical can help you get the ramp that meets your needs and assist you with funding options that will work for you.


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